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The information is provided as a guideline, non exhaustive and are subject to change without notice.

For more information, contact French custom authorities:  www.douane.gouv.fr


この情報は予告なしに変更される場合がございます。さらに詳しい情報は日本税関局まで www.customs.go.jp


Pays/ Country

Alcool/ Liquor

Cigarettes/ Tabacco

Parfums/ Perfume


2.25 litres alcoholic beverage

50 cigarettes

Quantité raisonnable/ reasonable quantity


1 litre

200 cigarettes / 50 Cigarillos/ 250g tabacco

50gm (plus 250ml eau de toilette)


3 bottles (1 bottle=750cc)

Residents: 200 cigarettes

Non-residents: 400 cigarettes or
250 grams tobacco

2 oz

 New Zealand

Up to six bottles (4.5 litres) of wine, champagne, port or sherry

Up to twelve cans (4.5 litres) of beer

NEW: 50 Cigarettes

Or 50 grams of tobacco products

Quantité raisonnable/ reasonable quantity

French Polynesia

2 litres (Vin / champagne/ bières)

2 litres alcoholic beverage

200 cigarettes/ 50 cigarillos

Quantité raisonnable/ reasonable quantity


   1 US quarl

200 cigarettes

Quantité raisonnable/ reasonable quantity


Customs information

Upon your arrival in French Polynesia, you may have franchise for goods below: alcohols: 2 litres; tobacco: 200; perfume: reasonable quantity.

Other goods:

- Passenger 15 years old and more: 30 000 fcp

- Passenger under 15 years old: 15 000 fcp.